Doogles World

Welcome to Doogle's World

Photograph of Doogle This is me, Doogle.
I am generally a happy chappy, living in Edwinstowe where I have enjoyed a wonderful life for the past 40 years.
Currently I am working as a trainee web and MIS developer at Vision West Nottinghamshire College where I am learning a few programming languages such as, MVC and C#, along with HTML5 and SCSS.
This redesign of my website is a direct result of the things I am learning at the moment, and it has been a very long time coming too. I think my last proper redesign was way back in 2007!
If you see anything that looks broken, please let me know at

My current work project at the moment is dealing with the college CRM system. We're using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, and I've been given the task of getting it to work how the users want. Which isn't easy when they change their minds every other day as to what it needs to do!

About Doogle's World

Doogle's World is a personal website, first created way back in 1997, having several homes before finally arriving at in September 1999. I then bought the domain in 2006.

The main purpose of this site is for a place to keep all of my online life together.
I will also update the front page every so often with bits of news.

You will soon be able to find lots of pictures and videos in the gallery, along with some files to download for games I like to play, such as Trackmania United Forever and Minecraft.

I will also have sections dedicated to my other hobbies.
My books page is about finished, and my biking page is started, but it is currently just a list of places I have ridden and nothing more.

What have I been up to?

Over the Summer of 2018 we had a new roof installed on our house, so we've had to empty out the attic and decided to sort through all the stuff in there before putting anything back up into storage.
What this meant was that for a long time, we had a lot of boxes of stuff messing up the rest of the house, the garden and even the shed!

After several weeks, we've gone through around half of the boxes and sorted out the bits we want to keep, and those that we can throw out or sell.
We then took the things to sell to the local car boot sale, where we managed to sell quite a lot of stuff. But not everything.
We also took a lot of things to the local charity shop, including a lot of my grandma's old ornaments.

As of writing this, it has been around four months and we still have the spare room full of boxes we have yet to go through!

Another side effect of having the attic emptied was that we were finally able to clean it up and get a proper floor down in there and fix the shelving. No more do we need to be wary of where we step when going up there! We also installed a hand-rail around the entrance so that it is harder to accidentally fall down the hole.

It hasn't been all good news though.
After we'd finished putting the flooring down and started taking boxes back up. We noticed we'd had some little lodgers decide to move in!
We're not sure yet how they're getting into the attic. We checked all the boxes before taking them up, and saw nothing while the attic was empty, or during the three weeks it took to put the flooring down, yet there they are. Mice!

We've put traps up there and so far have captured 10 of the little blighters, plus one that fell out the entrance when we opened the door, which we quickly caught and put out onto the back garden.